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Exact Abacus confirms partnership with food supplements company

Exact Abacus confirms partnership with food supplements company

ERP software, eCommerce and fulfilment specialist, Exact Abacus has secured a contract with health food supplements company YourZooki to provide stock control software, channel management, inbound logistics, fulfilment and delivery.

YourZooki utilises patented technology in its innovate range of health food supplement to encapsulate water insoluble, highly purified and isolated oils. Providing a gel alternative to capsules, enhanced with active ingredients such as Omega 3, MCT, vitamins and flaxseed, it can be used in smoothies, shakes, porridge or drizzle over fruit.

Even though YourZooki only started operating in January 2017, products have been moving off the shelves quickly and have also recently launched in the US to meet the growing demand of the sports and fitness industry.

The founders, Marcus Mollinga and Jack Morrison, started YourZooki after Marcus was advised by his doctor to start consuming Omega 3 tablets after a sports related knee injury. Finding that capsules tasted unpleasant, they wanted to create a palatable product without losing any of the nutritional benefits.

Exact Abacus sales and marketing director Lee Thompson commented: “We’re delighted to partner with YourZooki, and continuing to partner with innovative start-ups proves how unique our offering is. We attract growing and forward thinking companies because we consider everything a successful eCommerce business needs and help them to develop a lean model.”

Exact Abacus opened a second warehouse at their Chorley site last March, which increased dispatch capacity to over 10,000 parcels per day. This investment gives the company greater capacity to provide solutions for even more growing businesses.

YourZooki co-founder, Jack Morrison, added: “Exact Abacus has allowed our business to grow exceptionally fast. As we trade on various platforms it could’ve become very time consuming to manually update each channel but the software solution allows us to centralise and manage everything from stock control to finances. We now have time to develop the business by focusing on product development and marketing.”

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