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Europe's hottest logistics locations

Europe's hottest logistics locations

Europe’s hottest logistics locations are Venlo, Rotterdam and Antwerp-Brussels – but the big emerging markets are in Central and Eastern Europe - new research has revealed.

The top five locations are all in the Benelux Countries, according to research by Prologis.

Locations were scored on 11 criteria including ‘availability of land’, ‘road access, ‘transport cost’ and ‘regulatory’.

Venlo, a town in south east Netherlands near the German border, tops the table for the second time, having scored heavily in a similar survey in 2013.

Istanbul made a surprise appearance at number nine.

The biggest improvement among locations from the 2013 report is in Central and Eastern Europe. Central Poland is ranked at number seven, whilst Prague occupies eleventh spot.

They scored heavily for “cost of labour” and “real estate costs” criteria.

Air cargo hubs, like Frankfurt and Amsterdam-Schiphol, lost ground as well.
A total of 216 occupiers of logistics property from a variety of sectors, ranging from retail to automotive to pharmaceuticals, ranked 100 distribution locations by 11 criteria:

Occupiers  favour closeness to economic networks, low costs (both transport and real estate costs) and an availability of skilled labour.

In the future, availability of staff will be the most important consideration for choice of location. However, the importance of staff availability differs significantly per country and region. In general, it is most important in north western Europe and the U.K. and of less importance in the European periphery. However, across Europe it remains a challenge to find qualified and experienced staff.

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