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Europa Road accelerates toward 2016 route target

Europa Road accelerates toward 2016 route target

Europa Road’s ambitious plans to launch 10 new direct daily services for customers in 2016 is gaining momentum with the implementation of its latest route to Salzburg, Austria. A mark of Europa’s growing road freight operation and partner network, the new route will run from Europa’s innovative 1hub in Dartford, UK and follows the recent launch of a new service to the Baltics.

The division of innovative logistics operator, Europa Worldwide Group, continues to invest in its rapidly expanding European partner network to ensure best access to the continent for its customers. The new service runs five times per week to Salzburg – an economy which has occupied a leading position in Austria for many years  and contributes approximately 18 per cent of its net economic product .

Salzburg is located at the junction of two of Europe´s international E-road network routes, the north/south E55, which runs between Helsingborg in Sweden and Kalamata in Greece, covering nearly 3,000 kilometres . This location in the heart of the EU has provided the springboard for Salzburg to become an economic hub for business transactions .

Europa’s ambition is to continue increasing its daily service offering. Currently, the company has 33 road routes servicing Europe, 18 of which operate as daily services.

Dan Cook, Operations Director Europa Road, said: “We’ve established a really strong partner network across continental Europe and are committed to continuing this investment in 2016. We’re well positioned to achieve our goal of launching 10 new direct routes this year, growing our European footprint even further and offering the most efficient and effective service for customers.”

A market leader in European express freight services between the UK and Europe for almost 50 years, Europa Worldwide Group employs 600 people across 12 sites in the UK and Hong Kong and is represented in 100 countries.  

As well as its successful road freight operation, Europa also provides specialist air and sea, warehouse and showfreight services.


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