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Europa brings Leonardo into the cab

Europa brings Leonardo into the cab

Ambitious independent logistics operator Europa Worldwide Group has launched the next stage of its bespoke IT system, bringing the sophisticated and unique technology created specifically for Europa into the cab.

Europa Worldwide Group has invested more than £2m in its new IT system Leonardo, giving the business in-house control over its systems and improving responsiveness, efficiency, productivity and scalability across its 11 UK sites. LeoRoad was the first phase of the new system, designed to enhance Europa Worldwide Group’s road freight operations.

The next stage of Leonardo, so named after the great inventor himself who said ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,’ LeoCab extends Leonardo to the drivers of Europa’s fleet. It replaces the old standalone in-cab solution with enhanced collection and delivery information such as individual site operating procedures and navigation technology including real-time traffic monitoring.

IT Director at Europa Richard Litchfield said the business’ £100,000 investment in LeoCab was set to revolutionise the tracking process by providing granular information which would hugely improve efficiencies.

He said: “Leonardo has already proved to be a huge success, despite the first few months of pain when we switched over from the old IT system. Our decision to create our own an in-house team of 17 IT experts to build a bespoke system for Europa as opposed to opting for an off-the-shelf package was 100 per cent the right move - and we are now reaping the rewards.

“LeoCab is the next stage in this exciting process, bringing the system into the cab. It will offer enhanced visibility of shipments and tracking thereof for driver, branch and sales respectively. Previously we relied on the driver communicating information – especially delays – by phone, but now LeoCab will take on this role in real time.

“The system incorporates vehicle satellite navigation which combined with traffic monitoring and positional updates means Leonardo is able to more accurately estimate the driver’s arrival time at collection and delivery points and feeds this info back in real-time to the transport office.”

LeoCab also allows for real-time signature capture and immediate capture and management of discrepancies as well as a photo capability.
Richard added: “Having visibility of the vehicle and the expected traffic situation is key to being able to adapt and ensure that vehicles are on time as much possible. It just makes sense to extend our bespoke system that is working so well internally in to the cab. We are really accelerating now with bespoking Leonardo across the whole business, rapidly enhancing all systems and processes so that we can constantly adapt to meet the needs of customers and be as efficient as possible.”

Managing Director at Europa Worldwide Andrew Baxter added: “Deciding to give the green light to the biggest IT investment in Europa’s 50-year history was a daunting decision, but one which we knew would pay off. LeoRoad has revolutionised our reporting systems and has already had a very positive impact on our plans for growth and I know LeoCab will do the same.

“The dedication and loyalty of our employees during the implementation of the new system has been commendable, because at times it was not an easy process. We’re thrilled that the team has embraced these changes head on and I’m personally very proud of our IT team for creating such a fit-for-purpose and innovative system specifically geared towards meeting our customers’ needs.”

Europa Worldwide Group employs 600 people across 11 sites in the UK plus Hong Kong and is represented in 100 countries.

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