EuLED launches new website for warehouse lighting solutions

June 17, 2013 by Peter MacLeod
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EuLED launches new website for warehouse lighting solutions

EuLED is launching a new dedicated website for industrial and warehouse LED lighting solutions, aimed at companies who wish to improve their existing lighting conditions and reduce energy consumption.

The company says it has 'the knowledge and resources necessary' to complete any industrial and warehouse lighting project 'with a personal touch'.

Each turn-key solution starts by the firm analysing an existing warehouse lighting situation, designing a custom plan and creating a financial proposal which can include the installation, combined with customer care and after sales service.

EuLED has also expanded its range of purchasing options to include a zero investment plan, in addition to capital purchase and carbon trust loans. Customers who purchase a zero plan can have an LED lighting solution installed and maintained with no investment required, while achieving savings on the product at the same time.



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