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The ethics, the growth & the inside knowledge

The ethics, the growth & the inside knowledge

On 15 September 2016, logistics operations will be recognised for outstanding achievements at the SHD Logistics Awards. We ask three of our panel of Awards judges why CSR, Growth and Safety are important categories.

SHD Logistics: Why is it important for logistics operations to engage with charities, educational establishments and the local community?
Gary Forster, chief executive, Transaid: First and foremost I believe that there is an ethical responsibility to recognise that logistics operations often possess expertise and capacity which can be of great value to charities, schools and the local community. Beyond that there are opportunities to involve staff in charitable initiatives, exposing them to new experiences and team building opportunities. Many companies also benefit from positive PR in their communities as a result of the good works they do. Increasingly companies are seeing charitable partnerships as a win-win and are reaping the rewards of giving back.

Gary is lead judge of the Corporate Social Responsibility Category

SHD Logistics: Why is it important to recognise companies which have implemented a change in their business structure to enable strong growth?
Rob Riddleston, head of the transport & logistics team, Barclays Corporate: Change is Constant. This phrase often quoted in business by the 6th Century BC Greek philosopher Heraclitus is as true now as it was 2500 years ago. The markets that companies operate in are changing and changing quickly, as are competitors, products and thinking. Only those who adapt and move forward survive and prosper. So logistics companies need to look at their business structure to ensure this meets the current and indeed future landscape in which they operate. The key to change is how this is planned, tested, implemented and altered where needed to meet the demands of customers and the goals of the company.

Rob is lead judge of the Corporate Social Responsibility Category

SHD Logistics: How important is it for logistics operations to involve staff in decisions on safety measures?
Ruth Waring FCILT, managing director, Labyrinth Logistics Consulting: It is vital for logistics providers to involve staff in decisions on safety measures; they are the people who know where the real risks are and what near misses don’t always get reported. Whilst expert safety advice is also vital, inside knowledge from those who do the job can make the difference between life and death when implementing safety controls in a fast-paced logistics environment.

Ruth is lead judge of the Safety category

Entry to the Awards is now closed.

Venue: The Vox Centre, Resorts World Birmingham
Date:    Thursday the 15th of September 2016
Time:    6.30pm
Price:   Table of ten £2,295 + VAT
Contact: [email protected] or call 020 7017 7122



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