Elokon: Supporting Safetember and the FLTA Safety Convention

September 18, 2018 by Rhianna Kettle
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Elokon: Supporting Safetember and the FLTA Safety Convention

ELOKON is once again participating in the FLTA Safety Convention and will be manning an exhibition stand at the event on October 3rd in Coventry.

“Warehouse and forklift safety is our core business,” said MD Alexander Glasmacher, “and we fully support Safetember and the FLTA’s ‘make sure I get home safe’ initiative, as safety should be the number one priority every working day.”   

On Stand 2 in the exhibition area, delegates can find out more about how the innovative technology used in ELOKON’s range of safety and assistance systems can minimise the risk of accidents and collisions to make the warehouse a safer place for pedestrians, forklift truck drivers and the workforce as a whole. And all ELOKON products are OEM independent, so can be fitted to whatever type, brand and age of forklifts used. 

Very narrow aisle operation comes with its own specific set of hazards, and ELOprotect, which won the 2018 FLTA Safety Award, is a self-actuating laser scanner anti-collision system that ensures that VNA forklifts operate at a safe distance from pedestrians as well as from each other. It also enables two vehicles to work simultaneously in one aisle - allowing productive handling whilst ensuring adherence to the strictest safety guidelines.

As a further contribution to Safetember, ELOKON will be working its way through its own A-Z of safety during the month and will add new alphabetical advice to its website each week, which you can find here: https://www.elokon.com/en/newsroom.html

If you have registered for the Convention we look forward to showing you how our range of solutions can make the warehouse a safer place. And if you haven’t registered yet there may still be places left – see: https://fork-truck.org.uk/fork-lift-safety/national-fork-lift-safety-convention

If you can’t make it but would like to know more, call Kevin Bradley on +44 121 3922499 or mail info@elokon.co.uk.



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