Electronics retailers most popular over holiday season

January 06, 2020 by Kirsty Adams
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Electronics retailers most popular over holiday season

Nearly 300 million online shoppers passed through one of Queue-it’s ecommerce queues during the holiday season (November 27th - December 30th, 2019) according to the company. The number represents a year-over-year growth of 168%. 

“Online holiday shopping traffic is peaking earlier and lasting longer,” says Queue-it Co-founder and CCO, Camilla Ley Valentin. “Sudden surges in holiday shoppers are technically complex and creates a lot of uncertainty that the website can hold up,” says Ley Valentin in explaining why online retailers are opting to use online queues.

Queue-it provides retailers with a virtual waiting room to help them control surges to their websites and apps. Although visitors only see the virtual waiting room when a website experiences traffic overload, Queue-it has insight into all traffic requests while the virtual waiting room is in place, revealing data on year-over-year traffic trends.

Top 10 Categories

Over the holiday season period, electronics retailers were by far the most popular, with over 104.1 million visits. Mass merchant / department stores came in second, with 72.6 million visits, and Health/Beauty retailers rounded out the top three with 55.7 million visits.

Black Friday traffic distribution

“Shoppers’ distributed visits across the entire Black Friday weekend especially makes sense with this year’s shorter holiday season, as retailers extend sales to make up for the six fewer days between Black Friday and Christmas,” says Ley Valentin.

For instance, traffic Saturday (Nov 30th) and Sunday (Dec 1st) of Black Friday weekend increased at a greater rate than on Black Friday (Nov 29th) or Cyber Monday (Dec 2nd), the data show. Saturday visits increased 99% and Sunday visits jumped an impressive 115%. Black Friday traffic grew 86% compared to 2018.


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