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ek robotics helps get local school project over the line

The Royal Latin School in Buckingham, which is a stone’s throw away from ek robotics’ UK headquarters, opened the finalised £3 million ek robotics Sports Campus at an official launch event on Wednesday 24th November 2021.

Funding from ek robotics has helped a local school build state-of-the art sports facilities including a gym fitness suite and sports laboratory. ek robotics stepped in with the funding required to get the project over the line, but the efforts of the school’s incredible students must not go unnoticed. From car washes to star-jump marathon challenges, they fundraised for five years.

This monumental effort, combined with the ek robotics funding, has made the building a reality for the school. The story drew plenty of media attention at the launch event, including the presence of BBC South Today.

Chris Price, Managing Director of ek robotics, said: “ek robotics are delighted to see the finished sports campus handed over to the students and wider community.

“It was a pleasure and privilege to be able to help fund such an exciting project that will have great benefits for the future education of our children. We are proud to continue our support of the Buckingham community as a whole.

“With help from the industry, ek robotics are looking forward to working closely with the Royal Latin School to educate and shape our future business leaders.”

Speaking to BBC South Today, Chris added: “My daughter attends the school and she came home one day and said the school was short of funding to complete the Sports Campus.

“I’d seen all the efforts the pupils had been making to try and raise the funds and just felt, as a local business, why not step in and get it over the line.”

Also talking to BBC South Today, David Hudson, Head Teacher at the Royal Latin School, said: “I arrived at the school in 2010 and one of the things I wanted to do was improve the facilities for our students. The students are great and we have great staff, but the facilities really weren’t up to scratch.”

David added: “I want to give a heartfelt thanks to each and every student, parent and supporter, as well as ek robotics, for everything they have done to support our fundraising efforts for the new facilities over the past five years. Together, we are all part of a fantastic team.”

ek robotics is a family owned and run business that specialises in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). To find out more about the company visit their website.

The Royal Latin School will celebrate their 600th anniversary in 2023. To find out more about the school visit their website.

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