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Egemin launches 4 new models

Egemin launches 4 new models

Egemin Automation renews its E'gv product line, with new models, which can lift heavier loads for higher applications.

The renewed range from the company increases functionality but its price remains the same. The first vehicles will already be deployed to customers from next month.

Egemin has launched four new models in total: a single and double mast version from the Narrow series, for loads with open fork openings such as euro pallets, containers and totes. These E'gv's can make shorter turns and are ideal in tight spaces.

In addition, Egemin renews two models in the Straddle series, also a single and double mast version. These are suitable for large and closed loads such as box pallets, racks and rollers at floor level. They provide additional stability to loads during transport and lifting operations.

The single mast vehicles (FLV2012/N and FLV2012/S) now carry loads up to 1250 kg, or 250 kg more than the previous models. They lift loads up to two meters high, double of what they used to be able to do. The double mast versions (FLV3310/N and FLV3310/S) lift up to 1000 kg and go up to 3.3 metres high.

“With these new models, we have greater leeway in lifting height and weight. As a result, we offer our customers more freedom in the transport and handling of loads. Since the cost price remains the same, our customers get more value for their money,” says Gunter Van Deun, product manager E'gv Systems at Egemin. "The launch of the new models is part of Egemin's strategy of continuous improvement and responsiveness to the demands of the market. We are also working on adjustments to other standard models."
Egemin Automation currently has a well-filled order book for E'gv systems. “Our E'gv factory, our manufacturing and testing plant for E’gv’s, is running at full speed at the moment. We have quite a number of vehicles under construction and multiple systems are being tested simultaneously before they are shipped to the customer,” says Gunter Van Deun.

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