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EDiA EX drives Mitsubishi into Awards Final

EDiA EX drives Mitsubishi into Awards Final

Launched this summer and with sales performance far outstripping projections, the Mitsubishi EDiA EX 2.5 to 3.5 tonne electric counterbalance ends the year in pride of place on the shortlist for the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) Annual Awards for Excellence.

The FLTA’s awards committee was particularly impressed by the unique Sensitive Drive System (SDS) which ensures the ultimate in driveability. Ground-breaking software allows the truck to sense – from the very first touch – exactly how a driver wishes to operate and then automatically adjusts the machine’s reactions and performance to match the individual operator and application.

That’s just one of the reasons why Mitsubishi believes that the EDiA EX is the most driveable and intuitive electric truck on the market… and why it hopes readers of ShD will vote for it in the Awards’ Ergonomics category (

The most manoeuvrable truck in its class, the EDiA EX turns within its own dimensions. This is achieved because the rear (steer) wheels turn by a massive 100°, while the front, counter-rotating twin drive motors act independently – delivering incredibly agile, four-wheel steering. (Indeed, the EX is unique in that it could actually be manoeuvred using the drive wheels alone.) Moreover, unlike other trucks, there is no initial 'push' at the rear corners of the truck when setting off under lock… thereby helping eliminate stock damage in tight aisles.

Another key feature is the Intelligent Cornering System (ICS) which prevents dangerously fast cornering. Sensing the angle of a turn, speed is dynamically reduced at the start and throughout the turn (rather than in the midst of it) for smoother, safer and swifter cornering than any rival.

EDiA EX: The most versatile truck in the world?

Significantly, the EDiA EX is the first electric truck to outperform an IC engine equivalent without compromise.  Wet, dirty or salty workplaces are no problem, thanks to sealed wet disc brakes and counter-rotating drive wheels that maintain total traction whatever the floor conditions.

Importantly, EDiA is the first truck to meet the stringent IPX4 waterproofing standard – making it impervious not only to wind-blown rain but to water splashing from all directions.  

EDiA EX's 'hill hold' system automatically applies an electronic parking brake when the driver leaves the seat.  And when the truck is being driven, a hill hold/anti-roll-back feature prevents accidental rolling – even on steep ramps.

Moving indoors, integral brakes which eliminate brake dust make EDiA the perfect truck for clean environments, such as pharmaceutical and food industries. Likewise, in engineering applications, its compact size and super-tight turning provide the agility required for close-proximity working.

Because it features a rapid lateral battery exchange option for the quickest, safest changeover, EDiA is an obvious choice for RDCs… whilst also meeting the multi-faceted requirements of one or two truck users, such as small warehouses, because it performs equally as well outdoors as a yard truck and indoors, where its towering 7m lift means it can easily double as a reach truck.

Exceptionally powerful, EDiA EX delivers market-leading lift performance – so the model specified is truly capacity specific for each individual application – making it more economical to acquire and operate. That means it is usually much more compact than any rival... making it much more nimble in confined spaces and much less likely to damage to stock, premises or people.

In terms of economy, EDiA offers other advantages… including an ingenious direct, on-demand supply for its power-assisted steering – making it 20% more efficient than leading competitors.  That’s significant because it means longer – often double – shift working and lower running costs.

A class leader in so many different aspects of performance – from sheer lifting power to energy efficiency, drivability to operation in any environment – it’s no surprise that EDiA is proving every bit as popular with major fleet users as with SMEs.  

What’s not to love?

To vote for the EDiA EX, please go to  To find out more about the EDiA EX visit or call the Greenline on 0845 371 3048. 

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