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eBay’s Click & Collect options "just in time" for Black Friday

eBay’s Click & Collect options "just in time" for Black Friday

With the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend fast approaching, marketplace delivery expert ParcelHero says eBay’s latest Argos Click & Collect options will arrive at the perfect time for eBay traders and shoppers.

ParcelHero’s head of public relations, David Jinks MILT, says: "Traders will welcome the new eBay terms and conditions that allow items with paid-for delivery to use the popular Argos Click & Collect collection points.

"Until now, only sellers’ free-delivery items qualified for Click & Collect from Argos stores. eBay traders need to be able to offer a range of quality delivery options into Argos Click & Collect points. There are some items for which free delivery services are simply not appropriate.

"From 23rd November, all eligible eBay items can be offered for delivery into Argos Click & Collect collection points around the UK, whether they are free delivery or paid-for. Providing the item is listed for delivery within five days, weighs no more than 20kg and doesn’t exceed 120cm, then most paid-for delivery items should qualify for delivery into the Argos Click & Collect system.

"This is good news for eBay traders, widely increasing their delivery options and coming just in time for the peak Black Friday though to Christmas period. It’s also good news for customers, who can now pick up a wider range of eBay items at Argos Click & Collect points.

"Of course, it’s also good for Argos, who get increased footfall into their stores, and will be hoping to convert some of these eBay buyers into Argos buyers as well."

Jinks concludes: "Argos continues to be a delivery trend-setter. As well as pioneering click and collect, this month it introduced same-day delivery on its Home Delivery items, seven days a week, with a choice of time slots. This Christmas will see delivery become one of the key factors in winning sales, and Argos has shown considerable creativity in developing new options and attracting new customers."

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