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‘Drive-through’ Irish border post-Brexit possible, says BluJay

‘Drive-through’ Irish border post-Brexit possible, says BluJay

BluJay Solutions has partnered with Fujitsu to develop a technology solution to maintain an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland while also enabling customs checks to be made by the UK and Irish Governments.

No one wants to see border checks on the island of Ireland – BluJay and Fujitsu are taking practical steps to help ensure this does not happen.
The proof of concept (PoC) has been developed with the full involvement of the UK Government. It provides a simple and effective solution to the problem of maintaining seamless trade across the Irish border in the event of a no-deal Brexit and will enable border checks to take place with no physical infrastructure erected on the border. 
BluJay brings high-capacity customs management and mobility software to the project, allowing individual shipments – rather than trucks – to be tagged and monitored on their journey. Geo-tagging technology on each shipment will notify both Governments and shippers when the cargo crosses the border, prompting the customs system to automatically complete the necessary checks and digitally deliver requests for duty payment as required. 
By digitising and automating the customs process, BluJay and Fujitsu remove the necessity for physical traffic stops and barriers.
The system will automatically record the movement of controlled goods including medical and hazardous products and ensure that health and safety standards are maintained. It will also provide a single border-management portal to enable border agencies to collaborate on customs processes.
“BluJay is uniquely placed to make the goal of seamless customs on the Irish border a reality,” commented Doug Surrett, Chief Product Strategist at BluJay. “We already have the necessary IT framework in place, which means we can quickly respond to the complex customs challenges in play to deliver a solution that works for everyone. This isn’t the first time a fast and smooth supply chain has been imperative – we have the expertise and the technology to deliver a workable solution for this problem. We’re pleased to partner with Fujitsu and the UK Government on this important project.”
BluJay's Customs Management software is a single point of connection for international customs operations. The solution offers the ability to take information from any source and manage the real-time electronic conversation between any ERP system and any customs regime, with complete visibility to what is being paid to customs. In addition, the company’s MobileSTAR technology provides drivers with real-time connection, routing, and delivery capabilities via iOS or Android device.

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