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Digitisation, conventional wisdom and market leadership

On 15 September 2016, logistics operations will be recognised for outstanding achievements at the SHD Logistics Awards. We ask two of our panel of Awards judges why Operations (Large and SME) are important categories in 2016.

Chris Sturman, CEO, Food Storage & Distribution Federation (FSDF)
Operations (SME) Judge

Chris Sturman has been chief executive of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF) since early 2009, having previously served on its Executive Council for over ten years. His management experience spans 40 years, in logistics, operational and business development roles in both own account and third party. Having originally started his career in automotive, then through shipping and forwarding with TDG, since 1980 he has focused on food and drink in all three temperature environments.

SHD Logistics: Why is it important to recognise companies which have implemented change for a more flexible, future-proof, clean and efficient and responsive operation?

Chris Sturman: President John F Kennedy said over 50 years ago; “Change is the law of life – all those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” The pro-active search for continuous improvement, whether to achieve customer satisfaction, meet or pre-empt changing market needs or direction, or reduce company environmental impact, is a key business imperative. The dynamic supply chain world, with existing and new channels to serve the consumer, requires that businesses constantly challenge conventional wisdom if they are to survive and grow. Innovative IT or operationally efficient logistics methods and solutions deserve to be proudly displayed, both to recognise team achievement and the capability of our people, and also to demonstrate market leadership and innovation to customers and suppliers alike.

Melanie Longman, Supply Chain Director & Consultant, LCP Consulting
Operations (Large) Judge

Melanie Longman is a highly experienced end-to-end supply chain director and consultant. She is currently Principal at LCP Consulting, leading engagements across industry enabling strategic and operational supply chain transformation. Melanie has pursued a cross industry blue chip supply chain career at global, regional and local level, with organisations including Unilever and Shell. Most recently she was Group Commercial Supply Chain Director at Tesco, where she had full accountability for setting up group level supplier facing planning and development capability across food, GM and Clothing sectors and delivering benefits to both sides by unlocking value in the end to end relationships.

SHD Logistics: Why is it important to recognise companies which have implemented change for a more flexible, future-proof, clean/efficient and responsive operation?

Melanie Longman: The logistics industry marries infrastructure, people and increasingly complex technology and analytics. We are keen to recognise large operations that have innovatively approached significant challenge, change or operational improvement in way that balances the certainty required for investment, whether in infrastructure, people or systems with the highly dynamic and rapidly changing industry that we are part of. Leading organizations can demonstrate sustainability and cost efficiency whilst remaining responsive to future needs.

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