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Digital logistics at London Tech Week

Digital logistics at London Tech Week

Future Cities, digitised bottles of vodka and roboteers all featured this week at TechXLR8, part of London Tech Week at Excel. Kirsty Adams reports.

Key logistics tools of the future were featured at TechXLR8 this week. The event focuses on technologies transforming industries including: Internet of Things, 5G, Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud & DevOps, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and Apps.

Cities of the future
The president of IoT-inc, Bruce Sinclair, facilitated a session on ‘Cities of the Future’ which included panellists from Pavegon and Starship Technologies. According to the panel, “our smart cities will be driven by people.”

5G Networks
“If you’re not reinventing yourself, someone else is,” said speaker Eric Lavender of Intel. According to Eric; 2G, 3G and 4G were invented for personal use – “but 5G is about everything else. 5G wireless connection is worth about a trillion dollars in services including £600bn of IoT and £200bn in 'cloud-like services', explains Eric. 5G will better connect our pallets, could help us intelligently predict the maintenance needs of a truck and will generate value across our sector. It’s set to transform UK logistics operations.

Interactive packaging with Absolut Vodka
The digitisation business innovation manager of Absolut Vodka hosted a session which focused on a chip in its interactive packaging. Chipping individual bottles allows the company to track behaviour and market other services.

Wondering what the jobs of the future in logistics looks like? I met Robotics graduate Jake Ginson Shaw, who recently completed his masters in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Robotics with Plymouth University. Jake told me that logistics was a part of the course, and that jobs as ‘roboteers’ which involves the ‘building, control and programming of applied robotics’ will play a major part in future skills in logistics.

Read the full report in the July issue of SHD Logistics.

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