DHL video discusses challenges in healthcare supply chain

December 20, 2012 by Peter MacLeod
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DHL video discusses challenges in healthcare supply chain

In a competitive, increasingly globalised marketplace that is constantly changing, the life sciences and Healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges.

From expiring patents, to the challenges of ensuring regulatory compliance as they enter new markets, companies are increasingly having to respond to new dynamics whilst remaining cost efficient.

In this exclusive new video, ‘Industry challenges in the life sciences and healthcare supply chain: a prescription for change?’, DHL Supply Chain experts including Graham Inglis, ceo of DHL Supply Chain EMEA, Gerry Jones, global sector head, Life Sciences and Healthcare and Eddy DeVita, Managing Director of Life Sciences and Healthcare, EMEA at DHL outline the current challenges faced in the sector and offer advice on potential solutions.

Bringing together some of the latest thinking and strategy applied by DHL across the sector, DHL experts discuss the issues most impacting the sector – from the need to provide differentiating value added services to changing industry regulations and specific needs relating to emerging markets, such as ensuring a secure cold supply chain.

Inglis, Jones and DeVita also highlight the value for pharmaceutical companies in working with a strategic partner to provide expertise, innovative solutions, as well as much-needed flexibility and risk management counsel in order to maintain a robust infrastructure in the face of cost pressure.

Click below to view the video.



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