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Dearman to exhibit zero-emission cooling technology at TCS&D

Dearman to exhibit zero-emission cooling technology at TCS&D

Dearman, the clean cold technology company, will be exhibiting its revolutionary zero-emission transport refrigeration technology with Hubbard Products Ltd at this September’s Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution show.
Dearman and Hubbard, part of the global Zanotti group, have a technology development partnership, and are working together to bring the environmentally friendly and economically attractive Dearman engine-powered transport refrigeration system to market. The forthcoming TCS&D show will be the first time both companies have exhibited the future technology together.
Dearman is developing a range of highly efficient zero-emission cold and power technologies which utilise cutting-edge liquid air engines. The first such technology to come to market will be a clean transport refrigeration system, which has been on trial since March in a joint project with MIRA, Loughborough University and Air Products.

Dearman and Hubbard will begin real-world commercial trials later this year and further trials will then commence in 2016 in multiple international markets.
Michael Ayres, Deputy Chief Executive, Dearman, said: “This is a first for Dearman to bring our cutting-edge liquid-nitrogen-powered transport refrigeration system to a trade show such as TCS&D. It has undergone extensive on-vehicle trials over the last six months and has shown that it can achieve rapid pull-down rates and operate at high efficiency, so we look forward to talking through the technology’s significant operational benefits with potential end users.

"We are excited to be bringing the technology into the commercial space alongside Hubbard, who have shown real foresight in working with us to produce a system that can deliver both economic and environmental benefits.”
Pat Maughan, MD, Hubbard Products, added: “Dearman and Hubbard have been working intensively to bring this revolutionary concept in transport refrigeration to fruition. We are now at the point where the everyday practicalities of manufacturing, operating and maintaining this new technology are reaching important stages. The overall project, whilst testing our ingenuity is extremely exciting, and for once the phrase ‘bringing a breath of fresh air’ to refrigeration is totally appropriate.”
The zero-emission system being developed by Dearman and Hubbard will offer significant environmental benefits. The system emits no harmful gases or matter, such as NOx or particulates – only clean air or nitrogen. Existing diesel transport refrigeration units are lightly regulated and can emit up to 29 times as much pollutant as a Euro 6 truck engine.

Replacing these disproportionately polluting auxiliary engines with a zero-emission alternative such as Dearman’s will immediately improve local air quality.
The system is also being designed to be cost competitive when compared to existing diesel systems – particularly compared to other zero-emission alternatives – and is expected to deliver ongoing operational cost savings.
Other applications of Dearman technology also in development include a backup power system for the built environment and a hybrid engine for buses. Dearman has been shortlisted for a LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Award, which will be announced at LCV-Cenex in September where a broader range of Dearman’s clean cool technologies will be on show.

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