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Damage-resistant attached lid container design reduces transit costs

Damage-resistant attached lid container design reduces transit costs has introduced a new, improved attached lid container to its GoALC range which features an innovative tessellating lid design that minimises the likelihood of damage and maximises vehicle fill, therefore reducing transport costs.

Ben Messingham, UK Sales Manager for, said: “With your standard attached lid container you get what’s called lid flair. This means that when nested, the container lids flair over each other, making them more susceptible to damage.

“With our new tessellating lid design there is no overhang; lids secure in a vertical line when nested as empties, which provides much neater stacking and allows for up to 30% greater vehicle fill.

“When empty, our new attached lid container can be stacked 85 per pallet – in comparison to traditional designs which only carry 60 units – which saves both space in storage and transit and lowers transportation costs since fewer return trips to the warehouse are required.

The lid tessellation also ensures trouble-free operation with automated handling equipment and the tapered base creates a smooth transition across conveyors.

Another redeeming feature of’s new attached lid container is its low weight.
Measuring 600mm (L) x 400mm (W), the lightweight container comes in three different depths to suit individual load requirements:

  • GoALC 64310 with a 310mm depth, storage capacity of 56 litres and weighs just 2.7kg
  • GoALC 64365 with a 365mm depth, storage capacity of 65 litres and weighs 3.0kg
  • GoALC 64400 with a 400mm depth, storage capacity of 77 litres and weighs 3.2kg

Versatile and robust, the new attached lid container can be used for multiple trips to and from the retailer and provides safe, ergonomic handling and storage for a broad range of goods, from clothing and jewellery to cosmetics and books, and many more.

Multiple recess locations in the sides of the container offer areas for barcodes and labels. For added protection during distribution, the containers can also be fitted with tamper-proof seals to prevent unauthorised access.

In the unlikely event that a lid gets damaged, the hinged design means that the lid can be quickly and easily replaced.’s new attached lid container comes in black or blue as standard; other colours are available for large orders. It is also compatible with the GoDolly 64 and GoDolly 86 transport dollies, which come on four swivel castors offering a safe and quick method for moving multiple stacked containers in one go.

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