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Crown expands ES/ET 4000 stacker series

Crown expands ES/ET 4000 stacker series

One of the world’s largest materials handling companies, Crown, is expanding its new ES/ET 4000 stacker series - with the addition of the ESi 4000 and ETi 4000 initial lift stackers. The company claims that the range is now capable of meeting 'any and all stacking challenges'.

Uneven floors, inclines, loading ramps, pallets that sometimes need to be carried breadth-wise – stackers must be capable of operating in a wide variety of difficult working conditions. The small ‘i’ in the names of Crown's new ESi 4000 and ETi 4000 models reflects what the manufacturer describes as 'a big leap in versatility': the new trucks mean this range can now handle an greater array of applications.

Both the ESi 4000 pedestrian stacker and the ETi 4000 rider stacker feature an initial lift system that provides additional ground clearance helping to avoid stranded loads when traversing uneven floors or cresting ramps. It is also possible to transport two pallets simultaneously including up to two tonnes on the load arms. Optional entry/exit rollers even allow operators to enter pallets over bottom boards. A further advantage of the Crown initial lift is that it features a pull-rod system that positions the riser axle at the highest point possible to eliminate damage and wear.

With lift heights ranging from 2.4 to 5.4 metres, and load capacities of 1.2, 1.4 or 1.6 tonnes, customers can find the right stacker to fit their needs. At the same time the series continues to offer the features that have made the ES/ET 4000 trucks so successful: proportional lift for precise fork positioning and the ergonomically designed X10 control handle for optimum manoeuvrability. The new rider trucks also feature FlexRide operator platform suspension for stress-free operation even over long shifts and of course, all models feature Crown’s maintenance-free e-GEN braking system.

The purpose-built Crown AC traction motor, a cast iron gearbox and rugged steel covers prolong each truck’s working life and reduce service costs. Advanced features such as Access 1 2 3 system control includes secure PIN code access, truck status information and built-in diagnostics for faster service, all designed to keep customers’ cost-performance ratio low.

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