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Cranfield survey: Supply chain strategy in the board room

Cranfield survey: Supply chain strategy in the board room

Readers are invited to participate in a thorough piece of academic research which is practically orientated, and dependent on the input of Senior Supply Chain Professionals. Survey participants will be the first to receive the project report and the subsequent White Paper.

A major research project was undertaken between 2009 and 2012 by Cranfield University School of Management and EFESO Consulting. The output highlighted the chasm that existed between vision and successful implementation of supply chain strategic change, with a success rate of only 50%. It identified the key barriers to strategic change, and also provided the key ‘get-rights’ that had a demonstrable positive link to success. It became evident that the most challenging barriers and ‘get-rights’ were related to leadership and change management.

Cranfield University School of Management is now supporting new research that seeks to examine leadership and change management issues in greater depth as well as to update the major findings of the earlier research.It aims to identify  the Supply Chain leadership principles and behaviours needed to better steer and secure the successful change for business success.

The research team is led by Professor Richard Wilding OBE (Professor of Supply Chain Strategy at Cranfield University School of Management), and. Professor Alan Waller OBE  (Vice-President Supply Chain Innovation at EFESO Consulting and Visiting Professor in International Supply Chain Management at Cranfield University School of Management).

By contributing you will provide thought leadership and advance the profession of supply chain management. The greater the number of responses the more valuable the results will be to all taking part.The questionnaire consists of 38 questions and it takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

You are invited to complete the survey using the following link:

Please submit your.response by the 4 March 2017. Your data will be treated confidentially and totally anonymously. Participants will receive a copy of the final report and subsequent White Paper, and will be invited to participate in workshops to share and discuss the findings.

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