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Countdown for Logistics Hall of Fame proposals has begun

Countdown for Logistics Hall of Fame proposals has begun

The countdown has begun: up to 30th April, individuals or groups of people who have advanced the development of logistics in a decisive way through a societal, organisational, technical, scientific or business management achievement can be proposed for the Logistics Hall of Fame.

Traditionally, one only person is inducted into the international pantheon of logistics each year. This year, however, the plan is to induct as many new members as possible. The motto for the 2016 voting period for the Logistics Hall of Fame is "Historic Milestones of Logistics". The goal of the campaign is compile a worldwide documentation of outstanding logistics achievements – starting in fields like transport and logistics and extending through to intralogistics and information logistics.
The decisive factor is that the achievement was recorded before the year 2000 and has provably had positive impacts on a large group of companies or institutions.

Proposals and applications are free of charge and can only be submitted on the Internet at

The Logistics Hall of Fame: milestones and the people behind them

The Logistics Hall of Fame honours leading figures who have made outstanding efforts to promote the further development of logistics and supply chain management. The initiative is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport as well as the relevant international sector associations, media and companies, including the Port of Duisburg (duisport), logistics insurer Kravag, the Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone, intralogistics provider Still, the Federal Central Cooperative for Road Transport (SVG) and the TimoCom freight exchange.

The aim of the Logistics Hall of Fame is to act as a worldwide platform to publicise the performance capability of logistics and its importance for society.

The members of the Logistics Hall of Fame include the Austrian entrepreneur Heidi Senger-Weiss, entrepreneur and logistics benefactor Klaus-Michael Kühne as well as the contract logistics pioneers Heinz Fiege and Hugo Fiege, Gottlieb Daimler, inventor of the truck, William Tunner, the man who organised the Berlin Airlift, Gottfried Schenker as a pioneer of combined transportation, Eugene Clark, Dortmund-based logistics researcher Michael ten Hompel, the inventor of the fork lift truck, Malcom McLean, father of containerisation, and Japanese Toyota manager Taiichi Ohno, who invented the just-in-time concept and other innovative professors and entrepreneurs.

The Hall of Fame can be accessed free of charge at any time at and features information and photos on logistics milestones and the people behind them.

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