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Cooper to supply five Mantsinen cranes in £6million contracts with ABP

Cooper to supply five Mantsinen cranes in £6million contracts with ABP

Cooper Specialised Handling, arguably the largest independent supplier of port equipment in the UK, has secured contracts with a total value of £6million with Associated British Ports (ABP) for the supply of five Mantsinen hydraulic cranes. The five contracts include an order for the 200M, the world's largest hydraulic crane.

ABP is the UK's leading port operator, with a unique network of 21 ports across England, Scotland and Wales. In 2015 ABP and its customers handled 92 million tonnes of cargo ranging from bulks to containers and cars to coal. The new Mantsinen cranes will be deployed at five of ABP's short sea operations across the UK.

In one of the largest tenders of its type in recent times, ABP specified one hydraulic crane for each of its Short Sea Ports regional sites in Ipswich, King's Lynn, Teignmouth and Garston and then also for its South Wales region, Swansea.

The Mantsinen machines that Cooper will supply range from a 90M wheeled machine at Teignmouth to a 200M, weighing in excess of 280 tonnes, at Garston. ABP Garston's contract will not only see the first Mantsinen 200M come to the UK, but it also represents the largest crane of its type to be supplied in the country, beating the 230 tonne Mantsinen 160M machine supplied by Cooper to Belfast Harbour. Two near identical 120M cranes will be delivered to ABP's Swansea and King's Lynn sites, while the only tracked machine, a 95R model, is destined for Ipswich.

Tony Rooney, Managing Director of Cooper Specialised Handling, was keen to clarify the methodology of the process, saying: "This wasn't a single contract for five machines, but rather five individual contracts each involving the provision of one crane.

"The five ABP sites had complete freedom of choice in terms of their handling solution and we are delighted that, completely independently, each port selected Mantsinen as its preferred equipment."

As well as involving its central operations and engineering management, ABP made sure that the crane operators at each site had an input into the decision making process.

Andrew Harston, ABP Short Sea Ports Director, said: "ABP is dedicated to putting our customers first. That is why we are continuing to invest in brand-new equipment and technology to ensure we can offer our customers the highest possible standards of service and innovative solutions.

"We have been pleased to work with Cooper Specialised Handling. Each port has its own handling needs dependent on vessel sizes, load commodities and in some cases, very specific ground loading requirements."

Cooper will schedule delivery of the Mantsinen cranes to the five ABP sites from October 2016 onwards.

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