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Cooper lifts Ipswich into the premier division

Cooper lifts Ipswich into the premier division

The last of the five Mantsinen hydraulic cranes to be delivered and installed by Cooper Specialised Handling at Associated British Ports (ABP) facilities around the UK has gone into service at the Port of Ipswich.

Cooper has supplied a Mantsinen 95R, the only machine to be specified with tracks, in a customised solution designed specifically for the Port of Ipswich.

There were a number of technical considerations, including the port's suspended quays, which are load sensitive, and the restricted distance between the quay face and the warehouses in certain parts of the operation. Since the new Mantsinen hydraulic crane is replacing an existing DD2 quay crane, there was also a need to match performance and lift the same loads at the same operational radius.

ABP's existing DD2 wire rope cranes operate on 4 metre wide rails, so Cooper Specialised Handling had to take into account where they lie relative to the quay edge to ensure the Mantsinen 95Rwould perform all operations whilst situated on these crane rails. The crane has also been specified with an extra high slew ring, which sits at 7m, to aid the operation.

To ensure a clear view into the largest vessels and hoppers, the cab height needs to be a minimum of 10m above ground level. The Mantsinen 95R's cab elevator is therefore a distinct advantage, as it affords crane operators a direct line of sight into the hold and means they do not have to rely on cameras.

Andy Constable, ABP's Head of Operations at the Port of Ipswich, said: "Our investment in Mantsinen's award-winning crane technology offers ABP and its customers increased options in terms of flexibility and productivity, as the 95R can operate in a number of locations on the port and is capable of being driven on and off the quay and moved between berths with ease.

"It's been specified with a range of different size grabs, so is capable of handling every type of cargo, and the Mantsinen machine's faster cycle time will improve throughput, with a corresponding impact on productivity. We will also benefit from better berth utilisation, enabling us to service more vessels, and this, in turn, will enhance the service we provide to our customers."

Sited on 275 acres at the head of the River Orwell and 12 miles from the open sea, ABP's Port of Ipswich handles three million tonnes of cargo per annum and is the UK's largest export grain port, exporting 500,000 tonnes of cereals a year. The new Mantsinen crane will be deployed to load/unload bulk cargo, predominantly fertilisers and animal feeds, but also has the capacity to handle aggregates. It has been supplied with Mantsinen's quick release system for easy interchanging of attachments, which include a semi-automatic bag frame, four hydraulic grabs and a hook and rotator to facilitate the handling of a variety of cargoes.

Tony Rooney, Managing Director of Cooper Specialised Handling, said: "With the customised Mantsinen 95R we have been able to achieve a cost-effective solution that will not only meet the diverse cargo handling needs at the Port of Ipswich, but will also support ABP's expansion plans by boosting productivity."

The Mantsinen 95R crane has a longer lifecycle when compared with competitor machines, making this a significant investment in the future of the Ipswich facility by the UK's leading port operator. The crane is one of five separate contracts for Mantsinen equipment and represents a total investment by ABP of £6m.

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