Continental sponsors SHD Logistics Awards

September 18, 2014 by Kirsty Adams
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Continental sponsors SHD Logistics Awards

Continental is the official sponsor of the SHD Logistics Award category 'Environment/Sustainability' in 2015. We talk carbon reduction with the tyre manufacturer, and ask why it's so important to support this Award entry?

SHD: Why is it important to recognise measurable improvement in carbon reduction within a logistics operation?
Logistics operations can often be linked to high carbon footprints and there are many areas along the logistics chain where huge reductions can be achieved. By measuring the improvements in carbon reduction companies are able to address areas where reductions can be further enhanced and identify any areas that need development, this can have a significant contribution to a company’s overall carbon footprint.
Continental Tyres with their low rolling resistance and retread products offer logistic firms the opportunity to use premium products whilst minimising the impact of their carbon footprint.

SHD: Must a company be innovative to be sustainable within its operation?
Continental: A company does not necessary have to be innovative to be sustainable however companies do need to adopt best practice and implement the latest technologies and industry trends to ensure sustainability. Failing to do so could result in companies struggling to remain sustainable in the evolving marketplace. However as a market leader it is important to lead the way within the industry and Continental has earned a reputation for introducing innovations to ensure the long term sustainability of the manufacture of premium products whilst continually seeking to minimise the impact on the environment.

SHD: Why is Continental an appropriate sponsor of this Award category?
Continental: Continental Tyres are very much focused on having a positive impact on the environment and always aims to be at the forefront of ecological innovation, adopting eco-friendly changes at every step of the way, from initial tyre development right through to production.

As a tyre manufacturer, Continental is seeking to minimize the use of environmentally harmful materials with a heavy carbon footprint. Throughout the production process, the aim is to increase the use of recycled materials and reduce to a minimum the use of fossil-based resources like oil. Continental is committed to clean, energy-efficient production – for example by recovering more waste heat from the curing process, which can then be fed back to the production process.




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