Continental provides solid tyres for pallet manufacturer’s fleet

August 01, 2013 by Peter MacLeod
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Continental provides solid tyres for pallet manufacturer’s fleet

One of Germany's leading wooden pallet manufacturers, Aloysius Krenzer AG, has opted for Continental industrial tyres for the firm’s 60 fork lift trucks.

Workshop manager Josef Gensler chose the SC20 solid tyres from Continental, explaining the benefits they offered: "The tyres give a much longer service life, excellent driving characteristics, up to 30 per cent less rolling resistance and up to 5 per cent less CO2 emissions on their forklift trucks than their competitors’ products," he said.

Industrial tyres from Continental are used for a variety of purposes, principally for transporting wooden pallets at the family firm’s headquarters in east Hesse – from unloading and throughout the production process, all the way to final loading. For this reason, it was particularly important to use sturdy tyres for the forklift truck fleet.

Krenzer is one of the few pallet manufacturers that carry out all the steps involved in production themselves, from transporting and sawing logs, to manufacturing the pallet, and delivering them with the firm’s own fleet. Since the wooden pallets are moved around in many different ways, and at high frequency, fit-for-purpose tyres on the forklift trucks play an important role. The SC20 here assures safe, dependable and efficient transportation of the wooden pallets.  

“There were two crucial arguments governing our choice of tyres for our forklift trucks: excellent quality and absolute reliability from the moment they went into operation”, said Josef. “Continental’s SC20 tyres meet these criteria and also save us operating costs, thanks to their high mileage.”



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