Continental launches port range with V.ply technology

June 27, 2013 by Peter MacLeod
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Continental launches port range with V.ply technology

Continental Commercial Specialty Tires (CST) has introduced at TOC Europe 2013 in Rotterdam the most complete tyre portfolio for port fleets.

The portfolio includes customised tyres for all vehicle types operating in port logistics, such as straddle carriers, reach stackers, rubber tyre gantry cranes, terminal tractors and trailers, and heavy-duty forklifts.

Most tyres of the portfolio are based on the revolutionary V.ply technology. The extremely sturdy V.ply tyres have been especially developed for the challenging working environments of vehicles in port operation.

“For port fleets, fuel is cost factor number one, and tyre replacement cost factor number two. More than that, 20% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption originates in the rolling resistance of tyres,” says Dr. Michael Andreas Maertens, managing director of Continental CST. “With our new high quality portfolio we offer our customers in the harbour business a complete solution that increases reliability and safety. At the same time it helps to keep operating costs down and to optimise the environmental performance of their fleets.”

New V.ply technology

Cross-ply technology is well-known for its superior damping properties and radial for optimum rolling resistance. Continental says its V.ply tyres combine the best of both worlds, by integrating an innovative weaving pattern of multiple cords arranged at specially designed angles. V.ply allows the production of sidewalls three times thicker than those used in radial tyres.

The carcass of a V.ply tyre consists of up to 20 layers of cross-ply fiber woven into three separate wire beads. Because steel cord does not provide an optimal bond between the carcass construction and the rubber shell, the V.ply technology uses high-resistance polymer.

“We noticed the need for a new kind of tyre to increase performance and safety for the special requirements of the highly specialised commercial vehicles in harbour fleets,” says Maertens. “Our engineers took on the challenge to develop a technology and a whole range of tyres to specifically address these needs.”

The result is the powerful V.ply construction with strong sidewalls. It enables high payloads even on heavy vehicles that need to reach high stacks, turn on the spot and perform frequent directional changes. More than that, extensive field-tests in ports worldwide have proven that V.ply features outstanding resistance against damages, a high reliability over a long service-life, and a low rolling resistance.

Continental’s harbour portfolio consists of the following products:

V.ply tyres

  • Continental StraddleMaster
  • Continental ContainerMaster and DockMaster
  • Continental CraneMaster

Radial/Solid Tyres

  • Continental TerminalTransport
  • ContiRV20
  • ContiRT20
  • Continental Trailer



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