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Consumer habits - can you decipher them?

The SHD Logistics Spring Conference is set to take place at The British Museum on Wednesday the 9th of March 2016, a venue devoted to education and unravelled mysteries. Join us for a day of learning followed by a complimentary tour.

After a content-rich day delivered by our expert speakers, which aims to decipher some of the mystery of consumer habits, delegates are invited to join a free tour that will encompass world-famous artefact - the Rosetta Stone - which demonstrates how Egypt’s ancient form of pictographic writing was deciphered for the first time. The tour will commence at 4pm, and all delegates are welcome to join us.

Speakers and sessions on the day include:

Keynote speaker: Professor Neil H. Ashworth, CEO, Collect+

Floating to the top: The emergence of supply chain and logistics at c-suite level

Speaker: John Munnelly, head of operations, John Lewis

John Lewis - Reinventing retail

Speaker: Peter Ward, chief executive, UKWA

Is today’s logistics infrastructure adequate to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world and is it embedded in the minds of the policy makers?

Speaker: Stephen Basey-Fisher, managing director, Century Logistics

An entrepreneurial approach to logistics

Speaker: Stephen Carr, head of commercial strategy, Peel Ports

Manchester ship canal: The 125 year-old logistics asset solving today’s supply chain problems

Speaker: Laura Morroll, managing consultant, LCP Consulting

The Omni-channel journey: balancing customer expectations with business profitability

Venue: The British Museum, Great Russell St, London
Date:    Wednesday 9th March 2016
Time:   9.30am to 4.30pm
Price:  £295 + VAT

For the full programme visit:


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