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Consumer focus on health and wellness creates boost for frozen food industry

Consumer focus on health and wellness creates boost for frozen food industry

Reports recently published by online statistics portal Statista show that the market value of health and wellness in Western Europe has grown from €129m in 2013, to €148m in 2018, a staggering growth of €19m in only 5 years.

With consumers becoming more focused on health and wellbeing, many industries are having to react. The BFFF (British Frozen Food Federation) have launched their new campaign #FreshFromTheFreezer to capture on this growing trend, as frozen food has an enviable selling point of often containing no preservatives, due to the natural form of preservation. Due to this, companies may have to readdress their frozen food capacity.

Steve Blakemore, Managing Director at Blue Cube Portable Cold Stores, explains further, “The growing trend for healthy eating is having an impact on the frozen food market. Consumer insights company, Kantar Worldpanel, valued the frozen food market as £6.2bn, having seen a 4.8% value growth year-on-year.

“This level of growth means it’s vital for companies to be flexible in their freezing and cold storage capacity. Being able to react to the market is crucial, and so often finding a flexible solution such as rented cold stores can be a real advantage. At Blue Cube we continue to see more units being requested from the food industry year-on-year.

“We’re able to link our portable units to a customer’s existing facility to provide additional production or storage space, and fill unused or odd shaped areas. Clients value our ability to adapt to the developing market as well as the support of our on call 24/7 customer support. With the trend towards a more health conscious consumer, businesses must be reactive and flexible to this developing market.”

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