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Concrete company increases productivity through paperless scheduling solution

Concrete company increases productivity through paperless scheduling solution

A concrete company has seen its productivity boosted by more than 25 per cent after switching to a paperless system for ordering and job scheduling, underpinned by telematics. 

Wright Mix, a leading supplier of concrete screed and ready-mix concrete, has been able to complete up to two extra jobs per vehicle each day and reduce administration with help from an integration between the Webfleet fleet management solution from TomTom Telematics and routing and scheduling software Aggsmart. 

This digital system replaced Wright Mix’s previous manual booking and scheduling system, which relied on paper-based records and communication via phone, and enables dynamic job dispatch and workflow, automatic billing, customer ETAs and digital signature capture. 

Customers place an order and following preauthorisation of payment, the job can be assigned to the most appropriate driver and timeslot within the dynamic scheduling system. Job details are sent to drivers’ TomTom PRO 8 driver terminals and navigation is automatically provided, giving the driver, office and customer an accurate ETA. 

Webfleet ‘talks’ to Aggsmart throughout whole process. This means that, when arriving onsite with the customer, the driver is able to check the preauthorised payment before dropping the concrete or screed and asks the customer to sign for the delivery on the screen. 

The exact volume of product delivered to the customer is then recorded in the Aggsmart app, which enables Wright Mix’s accounting system to automatically bill the customer accurately – all without the use of paper or making a phone call. 

As well as seeing a 25 per cent increase in productivity and removing paperwork processes, the new system has helped streamlined processes, condense administration hours, and reduce ‘bad debt’.

Peter Harris, operations manager at Wright Mix, said: “Before we had Webfleet  and Aggsmart, I was constantly on the phone to customers and our drivers – the days were so frantic.  So much so that I would miss lots of calls during the day.  Now, the office is very calm and I never miss a call.”

Phil Wright, owner of Wright Mix, added: “Aggsmart has been a significant addition to our volumetric ready-mix business, creating flexibility, traceability and efficiency in our day-to-day shipping and ordering process.  With a detailed and easy-to-use quotation system integrated to our credit card payment provider, booking jobs has become a seamless process.”

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