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Combilift’s solution to the SOLAS legislation

Combilift’s solution to the SOLAS legislation

Forthcoming changes to The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Safety Of Life At Sea, or SOLAS, legislation will have an impact on the containerisation industry as a whole.

The new regulations are in force from 1st July 2016, and are designed to eliminate the loading of overweight containers which have contributed to maritime accidents in the past.

All containers will therefore be required to have a verified gross mass (VGM) weight certificate before they can be loaded on a vessel. The responsibility for compliance will rest with the forwarder or shipper and failure to meet these requirements could result in some heavy financial charges.

Combilift has responded to the new regulations by offering a SOLAS compliant weight measurement system which can be integrated into its Straddle Carriers. This offers numerous advantages over weighing systems currently on the market, which are either costly or involve time-consuming double handling.

Compared with fixed weighbridges, systems fitted to reachstackers, I-forks or jacks, the combined “all-in-one” handling, weighing, transporting and storing procedure that Combilift has devised drastically reduces the number of weighing protocols and is the most cost-effective system on the market today.

The new system allows the Straddle Carrier to weigh loads in real-time to an accuracy of +/- 1%, making it a mobile weighing system that requires just one lift to weigh the container before it can be positioned back onto the trailer.

The stainless steel load measuring pins mounted at the front and rear of the Combi-SC can also check during weighing that the load is evenly distributed via the ruggedised cab-mounted tablet, rated to IP67, for data storage.

“This system will be an invaluable asset and will enable compliance with the new regulations in the most convenient, safe and economical manner,” said Combilift MD Martin McVicar.

“Based on a business model of just 20 containers per day, 250 days per year, the Combilift solution can reduce the number of weighing procedures from 150,000 to just 5,000 per year.”

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