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CML emphasises environmental efforts

CML emphasises environmental efforts

Lutterworth-based warehouse and logistics expert, Core Management Logistics (CML), takes its corporate and social responsibilities seriously and this includes the impact that its activities has on the environment.

CML has always been committed to minimising this impact and reducing its carbon footprint wherever possible and these initiatives have included investing in LED lighting, motion sensors and carbon offsetting. CML currently occupies three warehouses on Magna Park in Lutterworth, Leicestershire and although these sites are less than a mile apart, CML has maintained a small fleet of pool cars to facilitate travel between its sites and for other local trips, such as collecting visitors from nearby train stations.

In an effort to reduce CML’s fuel usage, pollution and impact on the environment, it has upgraded its pool car fleet from diesel cars to three fully electric vehicles. CML has also installed charging points at each of its sites to make it easier for users to charge these vehicles and to enable its employees and visitors to charge their own electric cars.

To take this one step further and to further reduce its environmental impact, CML has adopted a new and more environmentally friendly company car policy to ensure that its new company cars are either fully electric or hybrids and the company will also be adding more charging points at its sites to accommodate this.

Commenting on CML’s environmental drive Adrian Goodman, Finance Director at CML, said, "Despite the fact that the vehicles’ petrol counterpart had a cheaper purchase price, CML decided that the cost to the environment was more important. CML is happy to embrace this new technology to mitigate the company’s environmental impact and hopefully CML’s example will inspire other companies to do the same."

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