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Chase completes modular dock loading system

Chase completes modular dock loading system

Chase Equipment has recently completed a modular dock loading system for a leading UK distribution company. The scheme, some 80m by 20m in plan size includes 8 dock levellers, sectional overhead doors and loading pods.

The customer had a change in distribution requirements and was initially considering building a raised concrete area inside an existing warehouse, or digging out the yard to allow the fitment of dock levellers. Both these options would have had a massive impact on their day to day operation and been permanent solutions. As customer demands have a habit of being fluid over time an alternative solution was chosen.

Even though a modular dock avoids a permanent solution Chase Equipment have supplied schemes that have been in constant use for over 30 years

A modular dock is a series of platforms that are configured to give the desired finished area. The design of the platforms allows them to be configured flexibly to meet your exact needs. They can be installed inside or outside of a building and include dock levellers, pallet gates, handrails, scissor lifts - anything normally associated with a concrete loading area. They are designed to be used trafficked by forklifts and for storage.

Installed quickly, the schemes can be tailored to exact requirements and can be modified or removed as required. Some schemes have been moved to new sites, mothballed and then reused or sold to landlords at the end of a lease. Importantly, if a building is leased, the schemes can be removed at the end of the period allowing the building to be returned as it was when first leased.

Chase Equipment has a wealth of experience in meeting customer needs in the most effective way with this flexible solution.

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