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Cesab's new stackers feature a host of innovations

Cesab's new stackers feature a host of innovations

Cesab Material Handling has launched its new, highly manoeuvrable Cesab S200 pedestrian and Cesab S300 platform ride-on stacker ranges.

Featuring a host of innovations and significant enhancements on the earlier Cesab S300 range, the 16 new models are designed to drive productivity in a wide range of industries including retail, wholesale, manufacturing and distribution. The new Cesab S200 stackers extend the current Cesab S200 range with higher-capacity models and greater lift heights.

These new models are designed to deliver greater efficiency, safety and flexibility. The S200 and S300 ranges offer high battery capacity, a lift height of up to six metres and fast lifting and lowering for greater productivity. The new Cesab S200 and S300 feature the CESAB Traction Control system, which automatically adjusts the drive wheel pressure, for optimised drive wheel grip. The Cesab S300 range includes innovative power steering with a height adjustable tiller arm as standard.

The Cesab S200 and Cesab S300 stacker ranges achieve high manoeuvrability and safety in narrow spaces thanks to a standard creep speed feature that enables them to move very slowly with the tiller arm fully upright, when required.

Manufactured in Europe using TPS, one of the world's best production systems, these new stacker ranges feature a fixed AC motor which doesn't rotate when turning the tiller arm. This reduction in the number of moving parts contributes to further reliability and uptime.

The Cesab S200 powered stacker range is optimised for pedestrian operations, with a compact design that includes a rounded chassis and centrally mounted tiller arm. Available in 1.45 to 2.0 tonne capacities, the new Cesab S200 stackers extend the existing Cesab S200 range and offer a flexible solution for all pedestrian applications including heavy duty stacking with high capacity models. With a selection of battery capacities up to 500Ah, the range features straddle support arms or initial lift for use on uneven surfaces, as well as trucks designed for double stacking.

The Cesab S300 range is designed for high intensity stacking and transport in ride-on applications. It delivers heavy duty performance, with a lifting capacity of up to two tonnes and a maximum speed of up to 10km/h, making it suitable for the most demanding stacking and pallet handling operations. As standard a number of features of the range, including automatic speed reduction when cornering and power steering, help to prevent strain injuries and support productivity.

The tiller arm's height can also be adjusted by the simple push of a button, allowing tailored settings for operators of different heights. Vibrations in the handle are reduced when operators use these stackers on an uneven surface, ensuring improved ergonomics and higher comfort.

Andreas Lindsjö, warehouse trucks product manager, CESAB Material Handling Europe, says: “Cesab looked at every detail to create 16 models that are high performance, easy to use and above all, do everything demanded of them with ease. We have designed these ranges with the needs of the operator and the workplace in mind, because helping operators to work safely, comfortably and efficiently leads to greater productivity.

"Operator visibility is critical to safe and efficient handling and with excellent visibility through the mast, at all levels, the Cesab S200 and Cesab S300 will make a significant contribution to workplace safety and ease of use."

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