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Cesab launches high productivity forklift range

Cesab launches high productivity forklift range

The arrival of Cesab's high productivity, four-wheel AC electric B640-650 has led to the Italian manufacturer claiming one of the most comprehensive and advanced electric forklift ranges on the market, with models offering from one to 8.5 tonnes capacity.

Designed by Cesab engineers for intensive outdoor and indoor use, the three B640-650 models include the Cesab B640 with a load capacity of four tonnes, the four and a half tonne B645 and the five tonne B650 which comes with a 600mm load centre to ensure increased residual capacity and stability.

Mirroring the design and engineering achievements of the full electric range, Cesab says its B640-650 offers powerful performance and increased productivity with its powerful motor, high capacity battery and Cesab's Intelligent Mast Design (IMD) technology.

Designed to ensure industry-leading levels of productivity, visibility and noise reduction, IMD ensures superior forward vision through the mast by means of two FFL cylinders. Visibility is further enhanced by the ergonomically designed, rounded overhead guard which offers a full all-round view for operators.

Increased mast strength is achieved on the B640-650 thanks to a patented ‘double C’ mast profile, which delivers greater rigidity in the mast and improves stability. This increases productivity and confidence for operators when they are manoeuvring loads at height.

An optional high-capacity 930Ah battery makes the B640-650 range ideal in high intensity, multi-shift operations, especially where multiple forks, clamps and other special attachments are needed. Optional side battery transfer enables users to change the forklift's battery quickly and efficiently during or between shifts, optimising uptime.

IP43 standard protection of the electric traction motor on the B640-650 range enables it to work outdoors, as well as inside, with minimal risk of water damage. This makes it suitable for use in a wide range of outdoor environments.

Cesab says operators are assured of constant productivity and comfort throughout shifts, thanks to an ergonomic design that includes easy access on and off the truck, a spacious cabin, a comfortable and fully adjustable seat, fingertip controls and a choice of different pedal configurations.

Roberto Giuliani, CMHE product manager counterbalanced, said: "The launch of the Cesab B640-650 means that Cesab now has one of the most complete and advanced electric ranges on the market. Its state-of-the-art design and suitability for outside and indoor use enables operators to work efficiently in demanding environments, which ensures maximum uptime.

"With its high power and capacity, the B640-650 offers one of the very best alternatives to the internal combustion truck."

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