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Cesab launches high-capacity reach truck

Cesab launches high-capacity reach truck

High residual capacity, a new generation mast with enhanced mast stability, better visibility and a lower collapsed mast height will make the new Cesab R300 reach truck range a powerful asset in high intensity operations, particularly where heavier loads are lifted at height.
Designed to be one of the most productive, ergonomically advanced and safest reach trucks on the market, the Cesab R300 range includes the R314, R316, R318, R320 and R325, all offering high capacity and a set of features that enable strong performance wherever needed, moving even the heaviest loads at higher lift speeds.
With increased capacities and lift heights on every model, including a maximum lift height of 13 metres on the R318, R320 and R325, the Cesab R300 range offers faster lifting and lowering, yet perfectly smooth transition from free lift to main lift without slowing down. Standard Optimised Truck Performance (OTP) includes optimised cornering control, optimised reach control and optimised speed when the mast is reached out. With a choice of 180° and 360° steering and the option of a fork position laser, the Cesab R300 range ensures productivity in a wide range of materials handling applications as well as additional load and operator safety.
The Cesab R300 range's strong modular design includes an open fork carriage with a large window for improved forward vision, even when the fork carriage is at operator eye level. A lower closed mast height allows the trucks to operate even in tighter spaces. The Cesab R300 range also offers an optional transparent overhead guard made from laminated hardened glass to give operators better overhead visibility without sacrificing safety. There is also the option of an LED floor warning light in a choice of red or blue in either drive direction.
Improved ergonomics are provided through a height adjustable floor plate that enables the truck to be adjusted to each operator's needs. Drivability is enhanced by highly responsive lift, reach and lower controls, making the truck quicker and easier to operate. A more sensitive steering function ensures quicker, more responsive steering, with four pre-delivery settings enabling businesses to programme steering settings to individual operators.
Stable and controlled driving is achieved through the improved steering sensitivity of the Cesab R300 range, which enables drivers to maneuver the truck even more effectively. Progressive steering, depending on drive speed, ensures that operators can handle the Cesab R300 more easily in a variety of settings, from maneuvering at lower speeds to moving more efficiently over longer distances.
The Cesab R300's new chassis design delivers a softer, more comfortable experience for operators throughout a shift, with a new improved seat with textile cushioning. A reinforced left corner on the seat helps to reduce wear from drivers sliding off the seat when exiting the truck. An improved accelerator pedal design means there is no need for operators to lift their feet while driving.
Fast change battery options contribute further to efficient operations and minimal downtime.
Miles Griffin, General Manager, Cesab Material Handling UK, said: "For faster, safer and more productive material handling operations, particularly in high intensity applications, the new Cesab R300 reach truck provides a hard working, reliable and ergonomically advanced solution."

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