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CeMAT 2018 to unlock understanding into Logistics 4.0

CeMAT 2018 to unlock understanding into Logistics 4.0

True to its keynote theme “Connected Supply Chain Solutions”, CeMAT 2018 will set the agenda for the intralogistics industry worldwide, with the aim of driving forward the digital integration and networking of value-adding and supply chains. According to an expert survey conducted by management consultancy BearingPoint, eight out of ten companies in Germany’s manufacturing sector that work with supply chains are already busy rising to the challenges of connected supply chains. “If businesses want to remain competitive, they need to get their supply chains connected and digitized all the way down the line – not just within their companies. Many companies are wondering how they are going to implement Logistics 4.0 in their business operations. CeMAT has all the answers they are looking for. The main focus is on the interplay between Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0”, says Marc Siemering, Senior Vice President for Industry, Energy & Logistics eents at Deutsche Messe. “In concert with HANNOVER MESSE, we are creating a unique platform for the digitization of the supply chain, with more solutions and innovations than can be seen anywhere else in the world.”

From 23 to 27 April 2018, CeMAT and Hannover Messe will be filling the entire exhibition complex in Hannover. Together they will show how the factory of the future operates, and the central role to be played by intralogistics.

For visitors who want to explore the common ground between these two trade fairs, a good place to start is the “Logistics 4.0 Hub”. More than 30 exhibitors from CeMAT and HANNOVER MESSE will be presenting the latest technologies for various segments of the supply chain, also with real-world demonstrations of how Logistics 4.0 is already in use today. Jungheinrich, for instance, will be presenting order-picking systems, while SMI Handling Systems will show how vacuum technology is making a major contribution to modern product handling. Copal will present innovative solutions for unloading and palletizing container shipments, Pepperl+Fuchs has a display on identification technology solutions, and the wearable computing experts at Unimax will be showcasing augmented reality solutions. Another big-name company, HARTING, is presenting its Industry 4.0 solution known as MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture), and will demonstrate how digitization projects can be quickly and easily implemented by installing a special module directly onto the machine or production line. As Siemering says: “Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0 solutions are already available now, and manufacturers can already deploy them in their own operations. Next April, visitors from industry and trade will find the best of both worlds in Hannover, and can opt to immediately invest in these new technologies and integrated solutions.”

CeMAT features high-calibre forums

Together with its partner associations and institutions, Deutsche Messe is organizing two supporting forums next year at CeMAT. First, there is the Logistics 4.0 Forum in Hall 19, where future-oriented topics like the blockchain, IT security, human-robot communication, digital shadows, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, augmented reality, intralogistics drones, platforms and agile project management will be discussed.

The Logistics Solutions Forum in Hall 21 will explore best-practice examples from a wide array of industries. Apart from production examples, the spotlight will be on logistics solutions for retailing and the food industry. This covers the use of intelligent containers for returns management as well as themes relating to the digitization of warehouse logistics. Industry experts at CeMAT will discuss and demonstrate the kind of warehousing tasks which can be performed in the future by autonomous vehicles and mobile robots.

New at CeMAT is the subject of urban logistics. Today’s fast-growing metropolises are confronted by ever new challenges in both their internal and external logistics. “In an age of Logistics 4.0 and increasing online sales, the supply chain needs to be rethought. What contribution can intralogistics make to guaranteeing smooth delivery within our steadily growing metropolises and what technology options are already out there to make things easier for people over the last mile,” muses Siemering.

Startups at CeMAT

When it comes to innovations and new business models, the talk quickly turns to startups. At CeMAT they will have their own special display sector – Young Tech Enterprises. In 2018 the main stand for Young Tech Enterprises will be located in Hall 17, serving as the hub for the startup community at HANNOVER MESSE. The exhibits there will be complemented by a forum, pitches, matchmaking events and workshops.

The Young Tech Enterprises Forum combines presentations by startups as well as startup networks, incubators and business promoters. The “Startup Pitches @ Young Tech Enterprises” competition invites young companies to provide short-and-sweet presentations of their products and developments. The participating founders can compete for cash and other prizes as well as media and investor attention.

“Whether it consists of an info counter, a stand at the Cluster Park or a simple tryout day, our offerings for startups are targeted at young enterprises,” explains Siemering. “Any startup at CeMAT can also participate in the live events staged in Hall 17, but the main purpose is to bring startups together with investors and promoters. At last year’s HANNOVER MESSE some 100 startups already took part in the Young Tech Enterprises segment of the show, with about 50 of them appearing at group pavilions organized by countries or other organizations and the other 50 as individual exhibitors with their own stands.

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