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Cambridge University Library adopts new packaging at new storage facility

Cambridge University Library adopts new packaging at new storage facility

Millions of books, journals and maps from 600 years of collecting are being stored in pristine condition at Cambridge University’s new Library Storage Facility (LSF) thanks to leading corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturer Caps Cases.

The £17m facility, which was officially opened last summer, has been built to provide a perfect, climate-controlled environment across 65 miles of shelving for its least requested books – those deemed low use. As part of this, the University required acid-free cardboard trays in which to store the valuable materials.

Specialists in the design and production of long life packaging products, Caps Cases of Newmarket in Suffolk were delighted to help with the prestigious project, having already successfully worked on a similar project for the University of Oxford.

“We were approached by the University to supply bespoke PH neutral paper-lined trays, which would be used to store a vast collection of extremely valuable books and journals – some of which are one of a kind,” explains Caps Cases’ Commercial Director, Jamie Bissett.

“The trays were designed to meet the strict environmental conditions of the LSF and were extensively trialled to ensure that they would successfully preserve the items.”

Long life packaging is an essential part of the transport and storing process, particularly where the protection of the items being stored is paramount. Ordinary cardboard is not PH neutral, which over time means harmful substances can ingress into the product being stored within and cause it to deteriorate. This can be of particular concern where the items being stored are extremely valuable.

Caps Cases can produce packaging from a PH neutral set of paper cardboard material so that products in direct contact with the cardboard will not deteriorate.

“We are delighted to have worked in partnership with Caps Cases to deliver this major project to successful completion and at the high quality of their products and services they provided to meet our specialised requirements,” commented Patricia Killiard, Deputy Director, Academic Services, Cambridge University Library.

Once all material currently in temporary stores is ingested, the LSF will be 25 per cent full. This is expected to be completed this summer.

Caps Cases Commercial Director Jamie Bissett adds: “It has been a privilege to be involved in such a large-scale project with the University of Cambridge and we look forward to seeing it through to completion.”

With over 35 years’ experience in the UK packaging industry, Caps Cases Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of quality corrugated fibreboard solutions.

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