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Caljan conveys 600 tyres in record time

Caljan conveys 600 tyres in record time

Using a Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyor, a three-man team is now able to unload 600 tyres, each weighing 11kg, from a 45ft curtain-side trailer in just 80 minutes.

Handling this physically-demanding task quickly and ergonomically means the facility can attract and keep employees and actually cut costs.

Friction between tyres, particularly large ones like the Y-Performance weighing 11kg, makes this a slow, demanding cargo to handle. Raising the operator to an appropriate working height, the Caljan Performer with Operator Platform lightens the load.

No need to reach up above shoulder height. The tyres are eased out, lifting close to the torso. The conveyor belt carries them into the facility. The work environment is optimised and the unloading process becomes high-speed.

The robust Caljan Performer can carry more than 40 Y-Performance tyres, designed to fit 16 – 21” wheel rims, along its 21m length. Even fully-extended and carrying a complete load, the Telescopic Conveyor can lift two operators on the platform. Working in unison, two operators are often able to unload the cargo twice as quickly.

The Telescopic Conveyor is easy to operate; either operator can move the conveyor in/out and up/down via a simple keypad directly from the platform. Optional foot pedals enable hands-free operation. Soft cushioning underfoot alleviates the strain of standing, and the platform itself can be raised or lowered independent of the conveyor to match the operator’s height.

Being able to visually verify the type and size of tyre is essential. Even at night the light inside the trailer is exceptional. The operator platform has bright lights on both sides illuminating the whole of the work area. Underside lighting along the length of the conveyor lights up the trailer floor.

Drop by stand AM4 in the AMHSA Pavilion in Hall 10 at this years' IMHX at the NEC in Birmingham.

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