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Business "will benefit from election"

Business "will benefit from election"

International delivery expert ParcelHero says the 8th June General Election will be beneficial for exports, whatever the result.
Prime Minister Theresa May’s surprise announcement of an election is likely to have a positive impact on EU and international exports, whoever wins the election, says the international parcelbroker ParcelHero.

ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT, says: "We welcome the announcement of a General Election for June 8th, as uncertainty is the most difficult problem facing UK exporters. Whatever the result, we are likely to get a clearer idea of how Brexit will develop, and that’s better for British business.

"If the Conservatives' bold call succeeds, it will strengthen their hands in the forthcoming negotiations. It is encouraging for EU trade talks that Theresa May emphasised our 'deep and special partnership' with the EU.

Additionally, we welcome her statement that the UK would be ‘free to strike trade deals with old friends and new partners all around the world’.”

But ParcelHero also believes that if the opposition parties win the election, this could also be a positive result for Britain’s exporters.

Explains Jinks: "Conversely, if the opposition parties unite to form a potential Labour–Liberal–SNP alliance, this would enable the revisiting of the Brexit debate. While a re-run of the entire Referendum is unlikely, there may well be a greater emphasis on a 'soft' Brexit, with compromises on immigration and other issues in order to ensure Britain remains part of the Single Market.

"This would eliminate exporters concerns over the impact of potential duties and taxes, not to mention long delays, at EU borders."

Jinks concludes: "The lack of ability to plan ahead is bad for British business; a snap General Election is likely to resolve many uncertainties facing UK exporters far more swiftly than long negotiations by a Government with a thin majority would have done.

"Whatever the colour of the party taking control after 8th June, British businesses will win from the snap election."

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