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Business has been dreaming of a Brexit-free Christmas, says ParcelHero

Business has been dreaming of a Brexit-free Christmas, says ParcelHero

The UK won't be crashing out of the EU tonight. With a General Election agreed and Operation Yellowhammer knocked on the head, ParcelHero says retailers, manufacturers and everyone sending a parcel no longer need worry about a Christmas Customs crisis.

At the end of today (31st October) the UK could have been crashing out of the EU without a deal. Now, with Brexit on hold until January 31st , the international delivery expert ParcelHero says exporters, importers and anyone sending a parcel over Christmas to the European Union (EU) can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Says ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT: ‘Retailers, manufacturers and anyone intending to send a parcel had been bracing themselves for Christmas chaos. The prospect of new Custom’s checks and paperwork, combined with tariffs on UK goods entering the EU, had been looming over Christmas like the spirit of Scrooge. But now Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accepted the EU’s offer to extend the Brexit deadline until 31 January, guaranteeing a Brexit-free Christmas. A Brexit deal can still be approved before 31st under the EU ‘flextension’, but there can’t be a no-deal crash-out.’’

Notes David: ‘The Government’s £100M ad campaign for 31 October has been stood down. Operation Yellowhammer, the Government’s contingency plan for a no-deal Brexit, has been put back in the tool shed, and there is no longer the chance friends and relations in the EU will be paying unexpected duties on their gifts sent from the UK. A 1st November no-deal Brexit would have been a terrible outcome for businesses large and small, coming as it would have done slap-bang at the beginning of Christmas peak. It’s hard to believe we could come so close to the imposition of new red tape and duties on our exports to the EU just before Christmas. This would have precipitated a crisis in warehousing space as Brexit stockpiling and Christmas distribution collided.’

Concludes David: ‘A 12th December General Election will keep politicians busy in the weeks before Christmas, and that means an unexpectedly smooth period of Christmas trading and gift sending. We’re happy to confirm there will be no new tariffs or paperwork on any shipments to the EU, from Christmas presents to cars. There could be new January jitters if the election fails to resolve things, but for this festive season, it’s business as normal’.
To discover the final Christmas mailing dates to all major countries, and the duty thresholds on gifts being sent beyond the EU, see ParcelHero’s new Christmas mailing guide at

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