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BREXIT: Baxter urges RHA members to leave

BREXIT: Baxter urges RHA members to leave

In a letter to the Road Haulage Association, reproduced in full below, Andrew Baxter, MD of Europa Worldwide Group, urges its members to consider voting to leave the EU in the forthcoming referendum.

Monday 6th June 2016
To Jack Semple, Director of Policy, RHA

You have asked for opinions from your members in relation to the EU referendum. I would like to put forward my perspective in order to help shape the debate.

It is now very clear that the EU is trying to bounce individual countries into a single European state.

If that is the objective of those who run the European Union, then the very least they need to do is ask the people of each country in a referendum whether they want that to happen or not. In reality the leadership of the EU know, that if they ask, they would end up with many countries voting no. Therefore, they are trying to create all of the elements of a superstate without actually asking the people - do you want a superstate?

In my view this is an incredibly foolish thing to do because even if they achieve it, it will not work in practice. The reality of a single state would be a permanent flow of money from northern Europe to southern Europe, and ultimately Germans will ask ‘why are we paying higher taxes to fund spending in southern Europe? We never voted for this’. Southern Europeans will ask ‘why is our spending on healthcare, education, social services etc., being decided in Brussels or even Berlin? We never voted for this?’ This tension will build and build and build, until eventually it breaks, with terrible consequences.

The Euro has made Europe the continent on the planet with the lowest growth. The Euro meant unrealistically low interest rates in southern European economies which created a massive economic bubble, and which has now burst with devastating effects. The Euro gives those countries a currency that is much too high so that they struggle to export and suck in imports destroying their industries.

The issues within the Eurozone are not fixed, they are simply rolled forwards to be faced another day. Lending money to countries that they can never pay back, guaranteed by the ECB, is not any kind of solution.

Britain needs to distance itself from the mess that they are creating because the ramifications of unravelling this situation are very substantial. Secondly we need to stand up to the people who are driving this undemocratic, and economically misguided project and say - stop, think again. From the perspective of an owner of a UK transport company (where 75% of the turnover comes from UK - EU business). I can tell you what really matters to me.

The most important factor by some measure is that the UK and European economies succeed over the long term. It goes without saying that the issues above will cause massive damage to our economy and therefore our sector and all of your members. I believe that issues relating to customs clearance, EU regulation and even sending £350m per week are really quite modest compared to the damage that the EU project as a whole will do.

I understand that the RHA has currently opted for neutrality, which is a position I understand. However, I believe that the consequences of allowing the EU project to continue unchecked are so great, that I would like to encourage the RHA to recommend to its members to Vote Leave.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Baxter
Europa Worldwide Group

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