BPA comments on UK withdrawal agreement vote delay

December 10, 2018 by Kirsty Adams
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BPA comments on UK withdrawal agreement vote delay

Following the Prime Minister’s statement this afternoon confirming that the Parliamentary vote on the Withdrawal Agreement has been delayed, the British Ports Association’s chief executive, Richard Ballantyne has said that many of the UK’s ports with EU trade and the wider logistics industry is becoming anxious to know what they might need to prepare for and when it may be needed:

"If there is a hard Brexit the roll-on roll ports who facilitate tens of thousands of lorry and trailers movements between Britain and Europe every day could face real challenges. Adapting terminals and systems to accommodate new borders processes at short notice would be very difficult although at non ro-ro ports, while there definitely could be some issues, the pressures would be less challenging.
This is not just an issue for ports: wider supply chains could also face major changes. We have been speaking extensively to colleagues in the haulage, logistics, manufacturing and customs agency sectors and it's fair to say that across industry substantial reorganisation and culture change would be needed to prepare for a ‘no deal’ Brexit. This will take time and investment.”

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