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Boughey rolls out Verilocation’s MDVR multi-camera solution to entire fleet

Boughey rolls out Verilocation’s MDVR multi-camera solution to entire fleet

Boughey Distribution,a UK-based company providing warehousing, distribution, consolidation and contract packing services, has announced the deployment of fleet tracking solutions provider Verilocation’s MDVR multi-camera system to the rest of its fleet.

The solution will be installed in 46 vehicles, with the aim to have the entire Boughey fleet of 103 vehicles outfitted by the end of this year.
Prompted by the large number of third party insurance claims it was receiving due to road and vehicle incidents, which were difficult to dispute without physical evidence, Boughey originally contracted Verilocation at the end of 2016 to install the camera solution in the first half of its fleet. A secondary issue for the company was a lack of visual evidence to supply to police in the event of crimes such as vehicle break-ins or stock theft. In these instances cameras would also be a potential deterrent. 
Transport manager Steve Newton said: “We chose to contract Verilocation because they offered an excellent product at a very good price point. The quality of the footage provided was excellent, and the after-sales service delivery and support has been outstanding.”
The VL 5500 MDVR 360° camera solution for Boughey’s articulated lorries comprises of three cameras – forward facing, nearside and offside, plus a 1TB hard drive capable of storing approximately two months’ worth of storage. Verilocation also installed forward, nearside, offside and rear cameras in four of Boughey’s rigid lorries, and an in-cab monitor to aid drivers with actions such as reversing and turning.
The camera solutions also provide live remote monitoring, enabling Boughey to log in to the cameras from anywhere, at any time to view live footage and data, as well as the ability to remotely request and view historic footage which is stored on the camera’s hard drive.
With regard to third party claims from accidents, since installing the cameras it has been far easier to obtain clarity in terms of where the fault lies, and as a result, Boughey has avoided paying unnecessary claims. Steve said: “Not only has the general level of safety for our drivers improved, we’ve also been able to save on costs because of reduced unnecessary insurance payments.”
Andrew Overton, CEO of Verilocation commented: “The VL5500 is a powerful and robust solution suitable for any fleet looking to reduce accident rates and insurance costs and improve fleet safety.”

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