Black Friday fallout - offices ban deliveries

December 05, 2019 by Kirsty Adams
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Black Friday fallout - offices ban deliveries

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deliveries are causing parcel mayhem for reception staff as hundreds of thousands of parcels arrive at workplaces up and down the country.

The chaos caused by two bumper spending days means that most deliveries will end up arriving today, dubbed “Terrible Tuesday” by office managers.

Angry receptionists in many office buildings across the Country are putting new policies in place and are calling for an outright ban on personal deliveries, with many requesting the person ordering the goods be able to sign for the delivery.

Jonathan Ratcliffe of Office Provider comments: “If you are a receptionist looking after 700 people and each orders a few deliveries, today is a total nightmare – I’ve just seen two trollies full of deliveries go past!”.

“Many office buildings are having to create new policies around what they can and can’t accept. Plenty cannot cope with days like today, and so if you ordered something to your work address, you physically need to be in reception to sign for it – it’s causing major issues”

Receptionist Kayley on Park Row, Leeds put a polite email out to remind everyone of their rules this morning:

“We would just like to remind you of our delivery process here, reception are unable to store or sign for deliveries. If you are ordering something, please make sure you'll be onsite to sign for it“.

The problem with large offices is not simply accepting deliveries, but the storage, handling and then delivering to everyone in person. It takes time and energy – something a busy receptionist hasn’t the patience for.

“If you imagine say 200 parcels arriving at once – you might then have to deliver these to individuals across 15 floors, it’s a huge task - no wonder some are calling for an outright ban”, Jonathan Ratcliffe says. “Perhaps consider your reception team before ordering and use slower delivery methods to ease the strain”.


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