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Bis Henderson Recruitment launches ‘Turnkey’ service

Bis Henderson Recruitment launches ‘Turnkey’ service

Bis Henderson Recruitment, a specialist supply chain and logistics recruitment service provider, has launched ‘Turnkey’ – a fully managed solution that supports organisations recruiting multiple roles for new sites, business launches and team expansion.

“Businesses opening a new distribution centre or expanding an existing operation don’t necessarily have the time, resources and expertise available in their HR function to rapidly recruit on a large scale,” says Andy Kaye, CEO at Bis Henderson Group. “When recruiting 50 – 300 people or more at different levels and in locations that may be a long way from your head office, having a committed team on the ground that is able to undertake that critical local research on remuneration expectations, amenities in the area, and the dynamics of the jobs market – and then be there 24/7 for interviews – can make all the difference in getting a project up-and-running, on time and to budget.”

Bis Henderson Recruitment has over 30 years experience in finding the right people for the right job; managing large recruitment projects for businesses across the UK and sourcing team members with a broad range of skills for a spectrum of roles – from site GMs and operations management to warehouse staff and booking-in clerks.

“Most businesses planning a significant project need absolute clarity on expected costs,” says Andy Kaye. “We price the whole turnkey service upfront so that accurate budgets on resourcing a new operation can be confidently put in place. We commit to that in advance.”

He adds: “Of course, flexibility is important too in such projects and Bis Henderson can work alongside the HR department of a business or entirely independently – to whatever level is required. We can provide a full-service offering, or cover any step of the way from creating job descriptions, conducting telephone interviews, undertaking CV screening, face-to-face interviews and managing assessment centre format and materials, to performing full CRB and reference checks, issuing contracts and managing induction.”

Bis Henderson Recruitment’s Turnkey offering presents an easy way of getting a new site or operation up and running in an area that may not be familiar. “With our experience of recruiting hundreds of people for a single site – filtering 73,268 applicants in the last three years alone – and having set up 125 assessment centres for just one project, we are a safe pair of hands for any organisation. It’s the lowest risk way of recruiting a lot of people and for getting the right fit with brand and culture,” says Andy Kaye.

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