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Bidvest extends with Microlise contract

Bidvest extends with Microlise contract

Bidvest Logistics, which delivers food and beverages to the UK’s best known restaurants and retail outlets has upgraded its Microlise Transport & Logistics solution to boost driver engagement.

A Microlise user for more than eight years, the company has extended its contract and invested in new technology that will empower its 650+ drivers by providing direct access to the Microlise Fleet Performance, Journey Management and Proof of Delivery products utilised by the company.

The technology refresh will see new Android devices provided to each of the company’s drivers, boosting engagement and giving them direct access to the Microlise tools that underpin the operation of the fleet.  

The 380 vehicles in the Bidvest fleet are already fitted with Microlise telematics hardware to capture and log key information about vehicle operation, along with data essential for journey and delivery analysis.

“The Microlise solution is central to our operation. With this upgrade we are redoubling our efforts to provide the most engaging environment for our drivers,” said Cindy Howarth, Director of IT at Bidvest Logistics.

“We expect to see many benefits for the business in our service, efficiency and reduced operational costs. By providing a more engaging workplace experience we hope to attract the best drivers to the team while helping our existing drivers to carry out their roles easily and effectively.”

Bidvest uses three Microlise products to manage, analyse and streamline its transport operation.

Fleet Performance telematics is helping to boost the safety and efficiency of drivers and vehicles. Journey Management provides the tools to monitor the status of trips against schedule, in real-time, as the route unfolds.  Meanwhile, Proof of Delivery is providing complete visibility with all activity tracked in real-time.

The solution in place includes features such as vehicle walk around checks, task management, driver communications and access to site notes, risk assessments and manifest information.

In addition, Bidvest utilises the Microlise CRM module to deliver proactive customer service, and Temperature Monitoring and Door Sensor modules which alerts the transport team to safeguard vehicle loads.  

“It’s great to see the value we are delivering for Bidvest and we look forward to a new period of successful cooperation between our two companies as we extend our contract. It’s fantastic that, as a longstanding customer, they have given us their seal of approval by extending and upgrading their use of our transport and logistics solution,” said Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer, Microlise. 

The Microlise solution is integrated with route and schedule optimisation software from Paragon and the Minster Logistics Software Warehouse Management System.

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