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Bibby increases Unipart Rail capacity with triple-deck fleet

Bibby increases Unipart Rail capacity with triple-deck fleet

Following the successful introduction of an innovative and purpose-built triple-deck curtainsider to the Unipart Rail fleet, Bibby Distribution has added a further six of the 13.6m trailers to the rail component and service provider’s distribution wing.

The new SDC trailers are part of Bibby Distribution’s drive to further reduce Unipart Rail’s transport costs and improve its fleet efficiency by maximising trailer utilisation.

Unipart Rail Transport Logistics Manager Rick Moglia says: “After predicting growth in the volume of rail components and installation materials we need to trunk at night, Bibby Distribution quickly found a way we could increase the capacity of our trailers, which predominantly carry non-stackable or ‘ugly’ freight, without significantly increasing costs.

"That’s completely in keeping with the relationship we’ve had for more than two decades, with Bibby Distribution continuously working with us to find effective solutions to our operational requirements.”

The customised design means each trailer can carry up to 20 additional pallets – a 28% increase in load. The enhanced load carrying capacity, combined with the aerodynamic profile, ensures reduced fuel consumption for the trailers that are used primarily for trunking runs.

The new trailers are the latest advance to be delivered into the Unipart Rail fleet, which also includes tractor units specially adapted to run on LPG – an innovation that reduces CO₂ emissions – and urban flatbed trailers for transporting rail bogies to less accessible delivery points.

In addition to the improved capacity, the trailers have a number of marked advantages over pre-existing assets. These include independent interior lighting to aid loading and unloading during the hours of darkness. The system has its own power source and therefore does not need to be connected to the tractor unit.

The triple-deck system has been manufactured using steel mesh, making it easier to see the loaded items. Further benefits include a safer coupling system, improved curtain restraint points and newly developed anti-roll technology. The new fleet of trailers incorporate the latest branding graphics of Unipart Rail, which illustrate the seven propositions that the company offers the rail industry.

Based in South Yorkshire and Cheshire, Unipart Rail is a major supplier of train components in the UK. The company supplies spare parts to hundreds of UK depots on a daily basis, in a unique service provided to its customers. Bibby Distribution provides outbased distribution services for Unipart Rail, with vehicles based in Crewe, Hoddesdon, Avonmouth and Glasgow to service local regions.

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