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Bibby Distribution rolls out full fleet dashcams

Bibby Distribution rolls out full fleet dashcams

Bibby Distribution has invested more than £1m to support driver safety and improve performance with the installation of in-cab cameras across the entirety of its fleet.

The two cameras – one facing the driver and another monitoring the road ahead – provide the complete picture for every journey, enabling the company to use footage as a training tool for drivers operating Bibby Distribution’s 650 tractor units and rigid trucks.

The initiative is part of the 3PL’s ongoing Road to Zero strategy, which aims to achieve zero harm, zero waste and zero environmental impact from its operations.

Adam Purshall, Head of Fleet and Procurement at Bibby Distribution, says: “We’ve invested in this new technology because it’s the right thing to do; the safety of our drivers and the goods we transport for customers is absolutely critical.

“It also allows us to set our safety benchmark even higher. The more information we have at our fingertips means we can work even more closely with our drivers to help them continually perform at the highest possible level.”

The two cameras will be integrated with Bibby Distribution’s existing full fleet telematics package from Microlise, which the company currently uses to identify and tackle driver behaviours such as harsh acceleration and braking. The information is then used to create training programmes to help drivers hone their skills.

Purshall adds: “The footage brings to life specific instances where drivers can improve their efficiency behind the wheel, so we’re also making sure customers continue to benefit from reduced CO2 emissions in their supply chain.”

The roll-out of new technology supports Bibby Distribution’s substantial track record in safety and environmental performance.

In 2018, the company won a Gold award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for the second consecutive year, after reducing traffic accidents by a further 10 versus the previous 12 months.

It has also reduced carbon emissions across the business for a fifth consecutive year as part of its sustainability strategy, thanks to a continued investment in cleaner and more energy-efficient fleet assets and facilities.

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