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Baoli upgrades electric forklifts

Baoli Material Handling Europe has launched a new KBET series of three-wheel electric forklifts as well as extending its KBE series of four-wheel trucks.

The three-wheeler models are available with 1.5 and 1.8t load capacities. Six models of the four-wheeler version offer load capacities of 1.5 to 3.5t. Both series are part of the Baoli KB-family, which started two years ago with diesel forklifts.

The increased consistency of the product range results in more efficient maintenance, since the different forklifts share numerous components.

The Baoli electric KBET and KBE series are equipped with AC motors made in Italy. Using AC-technology for traction as well as lifting reduces maintenance and energy cost.

Easy access to truck components facilitates the technicians efficient maintenance. Also battery access has been improved. The redesigned battery cover of the Baoli trucks enables an increased angle when opening the battery hood. The battery hood lock ensures safety.

The design of the overhead guard and counterweight provides good visibility in all directions. To adapt the driving to the specific situation, the driver can select different performance levels.

For safety, the speed of the forklift will be automatically reduced when turning. The digital display informs the driver about the current functions including the operation hours and the current the battery charge.

The new three-wheel KBET series offers compact electric forklifts with a turning radius of 1,500mm. They are suitable for warehouses and other environments, where the space is limited. The ergonomically designed hydraulic control levers are positioned next to the seat. Also the small and adjustable steering wheel ensures easy manoeuvrability and comfortable driving.

"The improved consistency of the product range will enable Baoli distributors across Europe to offer reliable KB-styled forklifts to dealers and clients with various requirements", says Rory Harvey-Kelly, general manager of Baoli Material Handling Europe.

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