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Baoli intensifies focus on lithium-ion FLT market

Baoli intensifies focus on lithium-ion FLT market

Environmental impact and energy savings have now become increasingly important issues also in the logistics field, pushing many companies to introduce lithium batteries to power trucks. But what are the advantages compared to normal lead-acid batteries? Lithium batteries allow storing much more energy, size being equal, thus increasing the truck operating range and productivity; they can be recharged several times, even if not completely flat, and do not require maintenance.

These are features that can be found in electric pallet trucks by Baoli, a manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment that operates in more than 80 countries around the world, namely EP12WS and EP15WS. EP12WS represents an innovative concept for a 1.2t electric pallet truck with incredible efficiency and reduced costs. Thanks to its lightweight, yet robust structure, EP12WS ensures reliability and ease of driving, especially in the smallest spaces, where its very small size ensures such good manoeuvrability as to make it comparable to a manual pallet truck. Its 24V-20Ah lithium ion battery allows 3 hours’ work and requires less than 2.5 hours for a full recharge. EP 15WS is instead a 1.5t electric pallet truck, extremely compact and lightweight, providing a degree of driveability that is indeed typical of higher category machines. EP15WS can be equipped with a powerful 24V 55Ah lithium-ion battery. The integrated battery charger on-board the machine allows absolute freedom when dealing with any need for light transport.

“Lithium batteries have many advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries, totally disengaging from the need for a recharging room and for frequent water top-ups, as well as from fixed charging stations and maintenance checks – highlights  Francesco Pampuri (pictured), Baoli EMEA marketing manager - However, what distinguishes them most is the possibility of recharging them even with quick partial recharges, without encountering any kind of problem whatsoever and bringing the lithium battery back quickly to its initial charging conditions. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to operate, even on long work shifts, with small size batteries. But that's not all, because - unlike lead-acid batteries, which during the charging phase release potentially flammable gases - lithium batteries are completely sealed and thus have zero emissions. They also allow achieving high productivity and efficiency, reaching charge cycles that can even exceed 2500 with a single battery. That is why we have decided to include them in our range of forklift trucks, especially as regards the EP12WS and EPW15S electric pallet trucks, which represent our response to the light handling needs typical of small retail outlets and inside vehicles”.

Baoli – Baoli is a manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment which operates in more than 80 countries around the world. The company forms part of KION, the European market leader and the world's second largest manufacturer of warehouse technology. It is also famous for brands such as Linde, Still and Dematic. Baoli is the perfect combination between the engineering and technology of a major global group and the pragmatism and attention to costs which is typical of products manufactured in the Far East. Baoli is directly present in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with a dedicated structure serving 40 markets. Baoli EMEA manages all the sales and after-sales aspects and has a vast warehouse located in Italy, which acts both as the centralised distribution hub, with a stock of more 300 forklifts ready for delivery, and as a spare parts area, which is one of the largest in Europe with an area of more than 11,000 m2.

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